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iPod Touch Firmware 2.1

September 9, 2008

iPod Touch firmware 2.1 – iPod1,1_2.1_5F137_Restore.ipsw

Note: You can not jailbreak or Pwn 2.1 yet. You WILL lose Cydia, Installer, and all 3rd party apps if you upgrade. The same should go for cracked apps and games. I have to go so I can’t wait for the download to fiish to test, so please post a comment if you lose or keep cracked apps.


iPhone Firmware 2.1

September 9, 2008
 Fixes lots of bugs
– Fewer dropped calls
– Big battery life improvements
– No crashes with Apps
– Backing up is faster They don’t said about the Copy/Paste Features


My suggestion:

Do not update your iPod Touch/iPhone until an announcement from the iPhone Dev Team that it has been jailbroken. Otherwise you can lose your Cracked Apps and jailbreak (Cydia/Installer)