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Unofficial QuickPwn – Jailbreak Firmware 2.1

September 13, 2008

jfb392 and Zombie_Killer over at the IPTF have modified QuickPwn to work with firmware 2.1.

Please understand that this is not from the iPhone-Dev team. They do not endorse this or support this. Use at your own risk!!!

I tested it on my iPod Touch, and it does work. (this will not work for the 2G iPod Touch)

Note: Remember your device needs to be running firmware 2.1 in order to jailbreak firmware 2.1.

You can download the modified version of QuickPwn here


iPhone Firmware 2.1 is Out

September 13, 2008

The iPhone 2.1 software is out.

Update includes:

Decrease in call set-up failures and dropped calls
Significantly better battery life for most users
Dramatically reduced time to backup to iTunes
Improved email reliability, notably fetching email from POP and Exchange accounts
Faster installation of 3rd party applications
Fixed bugs causing hangs and crashes for users with lots of third party applications
Improved performance in text messaging
Faster loading and searching of contacts
Improved accuracy of the 3G signal strength display
Repeat alert up to two additional times for incoming text messages
Option to wipe data after ten failed passcode attempts
Genius playlist creation

For 3G Iphone

For 2G Iphone

Note to 2G users: If you upgrade in iTunes you will lose your jailbreak, but retain your unlock/activation due to the baseband not changing. If you restore, you will lose your jailbreak AND activation but remain unlocked.

Note to 3G Users – If you upgrade in iTunes to 2.1 and have intelliscreen installed (or other programs that modify your you WILL get the Spinning Wheel of Death after you upgrade and have to restore. –MMI

Firmware 2.1 Has Data Wipe Feature

September 12, 2008

The new 2.1 firmware for the iPod Touch now features data wipe. If you set a Passcode Lock, you now have the option of enabling the ‘Erase Data’ feature. If enabled, after 10 failed passcode attempts your iPod data would be wiped.

Update: After 6 failed attempts it disables your iPod for 1 minute.

After the 7th attempt it disables your iPod for 5 minutes

After the 8th it disables your iPod for 15 minutes

After the 9th it disables your iPod for 60 minutes