iPod Touch 2G Has Bluetooth?!?!

UPDATE- the bluetooth chip is actully for the Nike+iPod so it could connect wirelessly to your shoes

The people fROM www.iFixit.com have dissasembled the iPod Touch 2G and what a suprise they found a BLUETOOTH CHIP INSIDE

  • The other side of the wireless circuitry, battery, and logic board.
  • At the top of the picture above the battery is a metal cover. Underneath the cover is a Broadcom BCM4325 Bluetooth chip. Yes, that’s right, Bluetooth! Apple has said nothing of this publicly.
    • This particular bluetooth chipset supports BT2.1+EDR. No word yet on whether the one Apple included supports A2DP, which would enable stereo headphones.
    • Part #s: BCM4325GKWBG CD0825 B76332 P40 SF

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